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Guesthouse MIZUNA

Description of the facility (29 beds)
  • 1 sepa­ra­te apartment
  • bed­ro­om with TV-SAT (1/2+1)
  • equ­ip­ped kit­che­net­te (gas sto­ve, ref­ri­ge­ra­tor, mic­ro­wa­ve, elect­ric kett­le) with dining table
  • sani­ta­ry faci­li­ties (wash­ba­sin, cor­ner bath with sho­wer, toilet)
  • 12 sepa­ra­te rooms with the possi­bi­li­ty of an extra bed, TV-SAT and own bath­ro­om (wash­ba­sin, sho­wer, toilet) (9/​2, 3/​3)
  • equ­ip­ped kit­chen (gas sto­ve, ref­ri­ge­ra­tor with fre­e­zer, mic­ro­wa­ve, elect­ric kett­le, 2× dining table)
  • the guest­hou­se has a bar with a sum­mer terrace
  • free WiFi inter­net connection
  • room for sto­ring bicyc­les and skis
  • free car par­king in a clo­sed yard
  • cen­tral heating
  • the faci­li­ty is open year-round and offers free par­king in a clo­sed yard
  • accom­mo­da­ti­on is suitab­le for fami­lies with children
  • the object is suitab­le for orga­ni­zing fami­ly celeb­ra­ti­ons, work mee­tings and trai­nings and com­pa­ny presentations
  • card pay­ment is possib­le at the Jen­drál guesthouse

Accommodation price per person per night

  1 night 2 or more nights
Sepa­ra­te room 30 € 25 €
Apart­ment 45 € 35 €
A child from 3 to 10 years old 20 € 18 €

Pri­ces are sho­wn wit­hout VAT.
Local fee: 2 € /​ per­son, child to 6 y. to 15 y. 1 €, child to 6 y. 0 € (not inc­lu­ded in the price).

A child under 3 years old wit­hout the right to a bed is free.
We pro­vi­de dis­counts for chil­dren under 10 years of age and for sta­ys lon­ger than 7 days.
When the enti­re buil­ding is occu­pied, the pri­ce is negotiable.

  adult chil­dren
Bre­ak­fast   8 €   7 €
Din­ner  14 € 10 €
Half board
22 € 17 €

Excursions to the surroundings

We offer accom­mo­da­ti­on guests free help in plan­ning tours and trips to the sur­roun­ding area.

Pen­si­on Jen­drál is loca­ted in the vil­la­ge of Hra­bu­ši­ce near the Slo­vak Para­di­se Nati­onal Park. The gor­ges of the Slo­vak Para­di­se (Suchá Belá, Piec­ky, Veľ­ký Sokol), Prie­lom Hor­ná­du and Kláš­to­ris­ko are easi­ly acces­sib­le from the village.

In win­ter, in case of good snow con­di­ti­ons, it is possib­le to ski on the ski lift near the vil­la­ge (Zele­ná hora) and in the ski resorts in the High Tatras, Spiš­ská Nová Ves-Rit­ten­berg and Ski­park Levoča.

The buil­ding is a suitab­le star­ting point for trips by car to explo­re the his­to­ri­cal monu­ments of Spiš (Levo­ča, Spiš­ský hrad, Mar­ku­šov­ce), to the Dob­šin­ská Ice Cave, the High Tatras, the Pie­ni­ny Moun­tains and to the Vrbov ther­mal swim­ming pool.